Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Something that I wrote after my 10th grade... This was for my best friend who came to the US - Rutvee!

The day I was born I realised what is friendship,
The day I will die i'll still realise friendship,
The day when I feel lonely I realise friendship,
And the day friends are together I realise friendship.

Friendship is a little seed,
Which blossoms into a beautiful creeper,
Creeping through the bark of life,
Growing thicker and stronger,
While rising above.

Friendship is a little bud,
That blooms into a colourful flower,
And spreads the scent of love,
Through the hearts of people,
Whereever it goes.

What friends are is just
Impossible to explain,
But one can really say,
That a boon like friendship
Is very rare to gain.

Finally a database

Finally i realised there was no better place to emote the more musical part of me..
So here i present to u - The Poetess!!